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Castle Street Townhouse...

Castle Street Townhouse opened its doors last week bringing a sophisticated new all-day dining venue and bar to the area, located in a Grade II listed building in the shadow of Liverpool Town Hall. There is a sweeping marble bar area with opulent mirrors and the ambience of understated elegance continues in the restaurant beyond, where the stylish interior design features plush green velvet booths and bowler hat lighting.

Last week I attended the launch party and there was a great atmosphere, as we sipped champagne and enjoyed canapés which gave an insight in to the menu, including smoothie shots, tender chicken skewers and the ‘townhouse tier’ laden with goodies.

On Friday evening I went back to Castle Street Townhouse for some evening drinks and small plates, plenty of people were already enjoying a drink at the bar and there was an inviting warmth to the atmosphere. I was impressed by the excellent service as I was shown to a comfortable sofa where I sipped chilled Pinot Grigio rosé and looked at the menu, where several small plates caught my eye.

There is so much to offer on the menu including breakfast, brunch and small plates. Bircher muesli and granola are good options for a healthy breakfast and dishes including the ‘full house’ cooked breakfast, rump steak with straw potato and fried eggs and French toast are ideal for when you are feeling a little bit more indulgent. I was impressed to see a ‘full veggie’ breakfast on the menu too. Brunch is served from 11am and the food on offer is pleasingly varied with fish, meat, salads, superfoods and eggs available as well as the aforementioned 'townhouse tier' (cornfritters, poached egg with chorizo jam, French toast and bacon, Danish & French pastries, fresh fruit and smoothie shots) as well as bottomless brunch which sounds good too.
We settled down with our drinks and I ordered a selection of small plates which are good to share. Chicken with quinoa and sweetcorn, beef hash with red onion jus, straw potatoes and toad in the hole with savoy cabbage was what we decided on after significant deliberation. The first dish I tried was the chicken, which was tender and the quinoa and vegetables added further layers of flavour.

Toad in the hole has to be one of my favourite comfort food classics and I enjoyed this mini version of it, the Yorkshire pudding was golden and light while the Savoy cabbage added an earthy taste which sat well with the sausages.

The beef hash cake was rustic and filling with a fluffy texture and crisp edges, it was full of hearty flavour offset by the the rich red onion jus.

The crispy straw potatoes we ordered proved to be the ideal accompaniment to the other small plates,and the array of dishes we chose showed off simple yet satisfying flavours.

The lights were turned down low and there was a relaxed mood as I ordered a Mai Tai to round off the meal in style and we lingered for a little longer, something which is easy to do at Castle Street Townhouse.

This is certainly a bar and restaurant which has a lot to offer, not least the refined setting which exudes style and glamour. The menu consists of a multitude of tempting dishes served throughout the day, so it is a perfect place for a leisurely breakfast, lunch or dinner with friends or simply an impromptu evening cocktail or two.

Castle Street Townhouse 
Castle Street 
L2 7LQ


What do you all think, do you like small plates and which of these dishes would you like to try? As always I cannot wait to hear your thoughts and thank you so much for reading this post.

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