Minggu, 30 Oktober 2016

Soul, Beats, Liquor and Eats at Miyagi...

I always like the chance to try a new concept when it comes to dining out, so I was excited to attend Soul, Beats, Liquor and Eats last week at Miyagi, a popular Japanese inspired restaurant and bar in Liverpool. Soul, Beats, Liquor and Eats is a new late night soul food and drink experience with live music too. I love the design of Miyagi, which is contemporary cool with exposed brickwork, colourful art and candlelight. The restaurant was already busy as we settled in to a plush velvet booth where we looked at the menu. 

The ingenious concept of Soul, Beats, Liquor and Eats sees various small plates paired with drinks designed to complement the flavours. We sipped iced water and enjoyed the lively ambience of the restaurant as the band set up ahead of their performance and we ordered from the selection of dishes and matching drinks. There was a wide array of options on the menu including vegetarian dishes. 

The first plate to arrive was salt and pepper chipolatas with honey glaze which were succulent and sweet, paired with Hitachino Red rice amber ale which is smooth and strong. 

Cali Rolls of sweet potato, cashew and pickled pear were full of flavour and the cocktail pairing of Cachaca Sour (Velho Barreiro Cachaca, fresh lime juice, sugar and egg white) was a silky treat with a hint of citrus. The band got going and they played a great set which got everyone singing along at various points. 

The smoked old fashioned was a stunningly presented cocktail, served in a box with crushed ice and flowers. I love a good old fashioned and this smoked one had a real depth with Nikka Taketsuru whiskey, plum sake and maple syrup smoked with oak wood.

The sticky pickled pear crostini, with caramel walnut and smoked cheddar which accompanied the old fashioned were full of sweet and tangy flavour while the smoked cheddar offset the pickled pear. 

I loved Mr. M’s grilled cheese, served on granary bread with melted cheese and grilled shitake mushrooms which added woody depth to the sandwich. This plate was paired with a Gibson made with Rutte’s celery gin, Martini dry and pickled onion, a classic cocktail which tasted great with the grilled cheese.

There was a great party atmosphere with the combination of music, food and drink resulting in a fun evening. It was clear plenty of thought had gone in to the food and drink pairings and the expertly mixed bespoke cocktails complemented the sophisticated dishes well. Mr. M has definitely got soul!

Soul, Beats, Liquor and Eats runs every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night from 9.30pm at Miyagi.

77 Bold St 
L1 4EZ

What do you all think, do you like the idea of Soul, Beats, Liquor and Eats and which of these dishes would you like to try? As always I cannot wait to hear your thoughts and thank you so much for reading this post. Until next time,


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