Kamis, 12 Januari 2017

A sunny winter stroll...

I enjoy going out for long walks and I find it more appealing than ever on those winter days when the air is crisp and clear and the sun is shining. January is the perfect time to blow away the cobwebs and get outside to enjoy those bright days which seem to herald all the promise that a new year can hold. Last year I purchased this grey coat at the end of the winter season in Zara and I am so glad that I got it, because it is the type of coat which is so easy to throw on with jeans and a t-shirt. It is structured enough to add a polished edge to a casual outfit and it is warm too. I do not share fashion content with you very often because I do not always feel confident, I would rather keep it real with you and admit that, instead of pretending that I feel vastly confident every day. This is the real me and I know some of my readers struggle with confidence, as you tell me so in your comments and emails daily. Personally speaking, there is no magic formula for confidence but I just try to embrace my shape, wear clothes which suit me and most importantly relax...ultimately life is too short to worry about what anybody else thinks, so be happy and find something to smile about every day. There is always something.

We live close to the water and when the sun is shining there are some beautiful reflections to enjoy, so we headed to the marine lake close to where we live, to soak up the afternoon sunshine and the incredible views. 

It felt so good to go for a long walk after so much time spent relaxing over the holidays.
I teamed the Zara coat with high waisted skinny jeans and over the knee boots from Primark, an Iron Maiden t-shirt from Pull and Bear, a Zara chain handle handbag and my favourite pair of Balmain sunglasses. I love outfits like this which are easy to put together, comfortable and casual.

The sunset over Hilbre Island was breathtaking, it is moments of pure tranquility like this which make me pause and think about things...we get so caught up in the rush of life that it sometimes seems impossible to take a moment to appreciate our surroundings, but indeed it is vital to do so. 

The new year is a time to reflect, to measure how far we have progressed over the past year and to look at what we want to achieve over the next twelve months. In all honesty, I find the thought of the blank canvas of the year ahead exhilarating; there is always something to enjoy despite the challenges life presents us with. 

There is always so much to think about in life, but nevertheless sometimes it is important to think about absolutely nothing...to simply stand and look at a beautiful view and to breathe in the sense of possibility. That is what this walk was all about, unwinding and appreciating our surroundings...taking a moment to seek solace in nature. 

When it comes to clothes I usually resort to a particular default look when I do not have work events to go to. My weekend casual look often consists of jeans, boots, a t-shirt and a coat paired with a smaller handbag (I use a bigger handbag in the week to carry my laptop in) it is funny how I own so many clothes and yet I usually end up resorting to the same style formula! 

Outfit details:
Coat and bag- Zara
T-shirt- Pull & Bear
Sunglasses- Balmain
Boots and jeans- Primark

In seemingly no time at all, the day gave way to twilight and the last of the golden light disappeared in to the hazy blue sky.

It was a lovely afternoon and the fresh air and peace and quiet was just what I needed. It was so calm and relaxing and the stunning views were unforgettable. It was nice to press the reset button and to welcome 2017 in a way which seemed only fitting, enjoying each moment in a way I sometimes neglect to do. 

What do you all think, do you like going on walks and what aspirations do you have for 2017? As always I cannot wait to hear your thoughts and thank you so much for reading this post. 

Until next time


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