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Pizza night at Love and Rockets...

You could be forgiven for thinking that I am a little bit in love with pizza, it features regularly here and I am always on the quest for a good slice. Pizza when done well is the best of foods in my opinion, simple and delicious with the capacity to make any day a little bit better. I have long wanted to try Love and Rockets, a pizza bar in the bohemian Lark Lane area of Liverpool, so we decided to go along to eat there this evening. 

The interior design is stylish and minimal, with neon signs, potted plants, tiled surfaces and bench style tables which bring a contemporary charm to the space. 

There is a selection of craft beers on offer and several cocktails to choose from too, such as the wittily named 'Twistin' my melon man' and 'Kool Aid and the gang'. I went for a glass of red, for me pizza and wine are the perfect partners for a weekday treat. There are some imaginative pizzas on the menu including hotdog, egg and chorizo and pastrami and pineapple options. 

We passed by the temptation of nachos -which come in cheese, BBQ pulled pork and fried chicken salsa varieties- and went straight for the cheese topped garlic bread to start our meal. The base was thin, crispy and light and there was a good amount of garlic oil and melted cheese on top. 

A classic Margarita is hard to beat in my opinion, and the Love and Rockets take on this popular pizza was definitely worth writing home about, with simple and clean flavours from the sweet and tangy Napoli sauce, Buffalo mozzarella and a wafer thin crust seasoned with salt and zesty lime rinds. 

The fried chicken and pineapple pizza was equally satisfying, with tender Southern fried chicken strips on a Margarita base topped with Mexican cheese, pineapple and Franks hot sauce which added a pleasant kick of fire. 

We skipped dessert, but with regret when I saw creations such as peanut butter schmoors (marshmallow covered pizza base with Reese's peanut butter cups) and Nutella filled dessert calzone on the menu. Next time for sure! 

Love and Rockets 
52 Lark Ln
L17 8UU

Love and Rockets is ideal for casual dining in relaxed surroundings; the ambience is bright and cheery and the pizza is excellent. I will be back for more and this is another addition to my list of places for impressive pizza in the city. What do you all think, do you like the sound of a craft beer and pizza bar and what is your favourite pizza? As always I cannot wait to hear your thoughts and thank you so much for reading this post.

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