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Trying the new menu at Olive Restaurant...

Certain restaurants always bring back great memories and for me, one such place is Olive Restaurant and Bar* on Castle Street in Liverpool, where we have been dining for years since way back when we first lived in the city. Now we live further out of town and it is still one of my favourite places to go for dinner when we head to Liverpool, we have spent many long evenings soaking up the atmosphere here over the years and the contemporary interior design and open kitchen give the restaurant a welcoming feeling. 

The menu consists of classic Italian dishes such as pizza and pasta, alongside steaks, seafood and lighter dishes. I sipped Prosecco as we consulted the menu (which is updated seasonally) and we decided on our usual appetiser at Olive, the garlic pizza bread with mozzarella, which has a thin and crispy base and just the right balance of garlic, melted cheese and a sprinkle of sea salt. 

I have been travelling a lot recently, so my starter of minestrone soup was just the comforting and homely dish I was in the mood for. This rustic soup can’t be beaten when done well, it is essentially so simple but this was packed with flavour from the seasonal vegetables and pasta and the addition of freshly made croutons with pesto worked well. 

My dining companion went for the deep fried brie with beetroot and onion chutney, a generous wedge of brie in a golden crumb which was cooked to perfection while the tangy chutney contrasted with the rich cheese. 

On to the main course and I just love gnocchi, so I ordered the roasted vegetable gnocchi which was delicious; served in a generous portion, the gnocchi dumplings were not too heavy and the mix of roasted vegetables added fresh flavours. 

Side orders of tenderstem broccoli with chilli and almonds and a portion of courgette fries (in my opinion always the best way to eat courgettes!) completed the meal. 

My dining companion chose the chicken Milanese with spaghetti and chorizo ratatouille. This hearty dish was a real winner, the tender chicken in golden crumb was stuffed with creamy mozzarella and oregano and the chorizo ratatouille added rich and smoky flavours. 

Time for dessert and ordering the Tiramisu trifle is a must at Olive, I find that sometimes restaurants can overstate this traditional dessert by adding too many twists but at Olive this classic is done just right; creamy and not too boozy it makes a sublime sweet treat to round off a meal. 

Our second dessert choice of vanilla cheesecake was equally good; the generous wedge of baked cheesecake had a subtle vanilla flavour and the tangy cherries and amaretti crumb added to the enjoyment. 

Another pleasant evening at Olive Restaurant and Bar, which is consistently reliable for great food and service, while the location makes it ideal to continue your evening afterwards at one of the many stylish bars in the surrounding area. 

Olive Restaurant and Bar
25-27 Castle St
L2 4TA


What do you all think, do you like the sound of Olive and which of these dishes would you like to try? As always I cannot wait to hear your thoughts and thank you so much for reading this post.

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*I was invited to review Olive Restaurant and Bar. This meal was complimentary. Opinions expressed herein are my own and honest. 

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